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Who is involved in ABA Therapy?

Your child is involved in every step of ABA therapy, MKS values assent based practices, meaning respecting your child's autonomy and ensuring their participation is positive. Caregivers and other family members are also involved in creating child's behavior plan, any additional program goals and focuses.  Parents are involved on a continuous basis, with minimally monthly parent check ins and trainings. Lastly our team members working with your child also has input programming. It is very important for all these factors to collaborate together and make meaningful change to your child and family!


No! Your child’s ABA program is designed specifically for them, individualized and unique. A BCBA will provide a thorough evaluation, called initial assessment to help determine your child’s strengths, weaknesses, behaviors of concern and areas of focus of the "whole family" to include siblings, parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts/uncles etc. From this information the individual behavior plan is created.

Does every child have the same ABA program?

Do you offer private pay option?

 Private pay options are always available if your child does not qualify through other funding sources. Please inquire about service fees at

What is Ryan's Law?

Ryan’s Law – This was passed through the SC legislature in 2007 to require certain types of businesses to cover ABA therapy through their insurance plans. The following is a summary of the law. Ryan’s Law applies to children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder at age 8 or younger and continues to apply up to the age of 16. It requires most state-regulated group insurance policies to provide coverage for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder as prescribed by the insured’s treating medical doctor in accordance with a treatment plan. Plans must provide at least $50,000 of coverage per year for behavioral therapy (including applied behavioral analysis). Employers with at least 51 employees that offer group health insurance coverage are required to offer autism services for children under the age of 16. ( the law stands right now, few employer insurance plans fall under Ryan’s Law. However, advocates are working to expand the coverage.

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